Lead-in Riders  


All Shows Start at 8:30am & are held at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds, Lancaster, Ohio.



At each show we award 10 Daily Trophies and 6 Team Medallions. Daily Trophies are awarded to the pleasure riders who have the highest point total for their daily division; Contest 1 rider/1 horse combos in 3 age divisions, and Contest rider / the most pts on any horse(s). Team Medallions are awarded to a pleasure team and a contest team of up to three riders.

10 Daily Trophy Divisions:

Small Fry (9yrs & under)
Junior Pleasure Rider (13 years & under)
Senior Pleasure Rider (14-18yrs old)
Adult Pleasure Rider (19yrs & older)
English Pleasure Rider
Western Pleasure Rider

Adult Contest 1 horse/1 rider combo

Junior Youth Contest (13 yrs & under) 1 horse/1rider

Senior Youth Contest (14-18 yrs) 1 horse/1 rider

Top Contest Rider-all contest pts on any horse(s)

6 Daily Team Medallions--Pleasure & Contest
Up to three riders per team
Total points of team riders (1 horse/1 rider)

2017 Show Dates & Judges

++ designates a double point show; single fees

April 23 Kay Tracy (Sun) Pleasure only
++May 6 Jill Newman (Sat) Plsr & Contest
May 27 Hope Simon Ashby(Sat) Plsr & Contest
June 18 Allison Applegett (Sun) Pleasure only
++ June 24 Steve Carter (Sat) Plsr & Contest
++July 1 Tami Vaughn (Sat) Plsr & Contst
July 15 Gary Goll (Sat) Plsr & Contest
++August 12 Sheri Napier(Sat) Plsr & ContestSept 2 Kathy Melvin (Sat) Plsr & Contest
++Sept 16 Justin Billings (Sat) Plsr & Contest
Sept 30 Daren Wright (Sat) Plsr & Contest


Who to Contact
Things to Know

All shows start at 8:30am

Western classes begin after 10:30

Contest begins approx 3:30 pm

Schooling break between Western & English

Pleasure show may move inside due to weather or ring conditions

Regular Classes = $6 each
$100 Classes = $10 each

Stalls available at each show
*** $25 fee per stall
Covers Friday or Saturday night: available after 4pm

Overnight camping or vehicle with hookup
= $25
Overnight stay with no hookup = $10

Ground fee = $5 per horse

Classes may be combined or split if entries warrant; If combined, each class will be judged separately and still earn full awards

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